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Protecting Workers Health with Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Blue Turtle Ltd provides a wide array of occupational Hygiene monitoring services to ensure that the magnitude of exposure to health hazards is clearly understood allowing for a tailored approach to implementing controls to protect your workforce.

As business owners, directors, and senior managers, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees’ health and safety is assured in all tasks that they undertake. Occupational hygiene is considered a key part of ensuring that worker health is protected from workplace hazards. It aims to prevent ill health through early recognition of such hazards allowing for appropriate controls to be identified and implemented to prevent further exposure or reduce the exposure to a level where no ill health is observed.

A visit to your workplace by a trained and competent occupational hygienist can provide you with appropriate advice and guidance on how to manage your workplace health hazards and quantify the risks through carrying out measurements/monitoring, helping you to maintain or achieve legal compliance.

Today in this blog, we will discuss some of the occupational monitoring services that help businesses quantify the risks to their workforce along with complying with current Health and Safety legislation.

Personal Exposure Monitoring

Airborne hazardous substances present in the workplace can take the form of dust, fume, gas, aerosol, mists, and fibers which can all lead to ill health. Legal workplace exposure limits have been set by the UK government for a range of substances that needs to be adhered to help prevent occupational illnesses from occurring. Personal Exposure Monitoring or Sampling is used not only to assess compliance with these limits but to also check that existing controls are working adequately to control airborne hazards. By protecting your workforce health you can expect a number of benefits such as boosting health and long-life expectancy, enhancing employee retention, reduction in company health care cost, positive business reputation and a positive impact on society (Social Responsibility)

Vibration Monitoring Service

Vibration monitoring is used t is used to determine the amount of vibration a person is being exposed to. There are limits set in law for the amount of vibration a person is allowed to be exposed to in a workplace. These limits are based around preventing hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and other illnesses associated with vibration exposure. By employing the services of an occupational hygienist to carry out Vibration Monitoring they will be able to determine if the vibration levels present a risk to health to your employees and provide appropriate advice on what action to take to manage future exposure to a level that is legally compliant, thus protecting your workers’ health.

LEV Examination and Testing

Occupational asthma and other respiratory diseases that are related to breathing in toxic substances from workplace activities can be extremely debilitating and in some cases fatal. One of the main ways of controlling airborne health hazards is through engineering controls with local exhaust ventilation (LEV) being one of the most common types in use. In order for LEV to be effective, it needs to be maintained and those using it need to be trained in its use and carry out periodic checks to ensure that it is working correctly. In addition to this there is a mandatory legal requirement for a 14-month LEV Examination and Test. In doing this, not only does it ensure that you are in compliance with legislation but you are also actively checking that the control measures for your workplace health hazards are working as per their design and are protecting your workforce from ill-health. Any issues identified when carrying out the LEV Examination & Test must be rectified so that the system can be deemed fit for purpose. (It should be noted that some LEV systems require more frequent examination and tests to be carried out based on the process. These can be found in Schedule 4 of the COSHH regulations)

Health Risk Assessment

A health risk assessment is a process that involves inspecting the workplace and observing all work activities carried out within it. Before you can demonstrate that health hazards are adequately controlled and that you are legally compliant, you first need to identify them and then assess the risk associated with them. The aim of a Health Risk Assessment is to identify the presence of health hazards and to determine if they present a risk to employees. Workers are grouped by job descriptions to create common health risk profiles and interviews are performed to obtain a full understanding of possible health hazards. Based on the assessment findings, practical recommendations are made to address any shortfalls in current controls. Having a Health Risk Assessment done provides you with a full overview and understanding of the health hazards present in your workplace and the extent of the risk posed to your employees.

So, now that you know about some of the different types of occupational hygiene monitoring services available, you should be able to now make an informed decision if any should be carried out in your workplace. Blue Turtle Ltd is here to help you deal with all these health hazards in a friendly and efficient manner. Contact us today for help with managing our workplace health hazards.

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At Blue Turtle Ltd, we provide a range of occupational hygiene monitoring services and can help you carry out your occupational health risk assessment. We can also help you to select the optimum control measures, better understand your local exhaust ventilation systems through LEV examination and testing services and carry out occupational exposure monitoring / personal exposure monitoring services to ensure you meet your legal obligations under the COSHH Regulations.

We help businesses of all types manage their workplace health hazards. Our experienced consultants can provide practical advice on how to achieve adequate control through process changes, improvements, or adopting/changing work practices to reduce the risk as low as reasonably practicable.

Whatever your Occupational Hygiene needs are, Blue Turtle Ltd is here to help your business protect your workforce and help you meet your legal obligations.

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