Blue Turtle Ltd - Occupational Hygiene Consultants UK 

Blue Turtle Ltd are Occupational Hygienists that operate across the UK using validated methods to identify and quantify health hazards in the workplace, assess existing controls, and where necessary provide guidance on the implementation of cost-effective solutions. We help businesses identify and control health hazards ranging from noise and vibration to airborne contaminants keeping the heart of the business healthy.

At Blue Turtle Ltd we work with businesses from all sectors of industry including manufacturing, engineering, construction, and retail where we are committed to providing the very best of occupational hygiene services.

We are dedicated to helping the business meet their legal obligations and ultimately protect the health of their workforce. In promoting a safe & healthy workplace customers can expect the following benefits in return: 

  • Reduced costs;

  • Reduced employee absence and sick leave;

  • Retain happy and productive staff;

  • Reduce the risk of litigation & legal costs;

  • Enhanced reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers, and communities;

  • Increased productivity, because employees are healthier, happier, and better motivated



What is occupational Hygiene?

What are the business Benefits of Occupational Hygiene?

Health hazards are divided into five main categories:

Physical (e.g. Noise and Vibration)

Chemical (e.g. Benzene and Mercury)

 Biological (e.g. Legionella & Salmonella)​

 Ergonomic (e.g. Manual Handling & DSE Work)

 Psychosocial (e.g. Work Loads & Bullying)

At Blue Turtle Ltd we provide the following Industrial Occupational Hygiene Services:

Why Choose Us?
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Oil Refinery

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The Blue Turtle Cog in your Business
The Blue Turtle Cog in your Business

Working together to protect worker health

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The values of Honesty, Accountability, Compassion, Agility & Innovation are the cornerstones of our corporate ethos and are at the heart of everything we do.


Providing specialist occupational hygiene services is a key part of Blue Turtle Ltd success, however, equally important is our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive an unrivalled level of service that guarantees satisfaction.


Trained Staff

We  invest in our staff to ensure they are competent hygienists that provide  clear advice and suitable solutions

UK Wide

We have offices in strategic positions across the UK providing quick and easy access to all parts of the country

ISO Certified

An international recognised standard where customers can be confident that we provide a quality service in a safe manner

Helping to Make Your Workplace Safer

We cover all parts of the UK helping all types of business achieve a safer and legally compliant workplace. 

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