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​At Blue Turtle we provide a range of occupational hygiene services to help your business meet its Health and Safety obligations helping you to not only stay in compliance with current legislation, but protecting your workforce from occupational illness.
Below is a list of our occupational hygiene and monitoring services. We will be glad to discuss your specific needs and provide any further information you may need.

Personal Exposure Monitoring

Airborne hazardous substances present in the workplace can take the form of dust, fume, gas, aerosol, mists and fibres which can lead to ill health. Legal workplace exposure limits have been set by the UK government for a range of substances that needs to be adhered to to help prevent occupational illnesses from occurring. Personal Exposure Monitoring or Sampling is used to assess compliance. 

At Blue Turtle we can accurately measure workers personal exposures to airborne hazards and determine if legal exposure limits are being breached. Personal Exposure Monitoring is done by taking personal samples of air over a set period of time and carrying out laboratory analysis to determine the quantity of the hazardous substance. We also conduct static sampling that can provides information on background levels and adequacy of current controls in place for any airborne substances. 

Air Quality Monitoring

Good indoor air quality is essential to ensure the health and comfort of building occupants. There are many parameters that effect the air quality of a building such as contaminants, pollutants,  air movement, temperature and humidity. When the acceptable parameters of any of the these are outwith the desired range then building occupants can experience symptoms such as headaches, dry throats, sore eyes or encounter unpleasant odours. Poor air quality can be attributed to one or more source.

Blue Turtle takes a systematic approach to air quality monitoring to help identify common sources of contaminants and pollutants in the workplace along with checking levels of carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity and air movement throughout the building.

Workplace Noise Monitoring

Damage to hearing is a major cause of  industrial injury with an estimated cost to the NHS in managing it of £450 million per year (NHS England, March 2015). The 'Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005' came into effect on the 6th of April 2006, setting out clear noise exposure limits to help reduce hearing loss caused by work activities, placing responsibilities on employers to ensure that their workforce are not exposed to levels beyond these limits.

At Blue Turtle we use approved analytical methods to carry out noise monitoring surveys producing a clear depiction of noise levels in the workplace, clearly identifying higher exposure areas where further controls may be required.

LEV Examination and Testing

Employers have a legal duty to ensure that their Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems are thoroughly checked and examined on a regular basis. It must be fit for purpose by effectively capturing the contaminants that could otherwise pose a threat to to employees health.   

Correctly designed and well maintained LEV systems play an important part of controlling harmful airborne contaminants in the workplace reducing the potential of occupational ill-health. Unfortunately it is a common finding that these systems have not been designed adequately for the task and or poorly maintained.

Vibration Monitoring Services

Regular and prolonged exposure to vibration can result in damage to the vascular and nervous systems resulting in disability. Vibration transmitted from tools, equipment and machinery can be transferred to persons using them causing long term health effects.


The 'Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005' sets out clear limits and action values for both hand arm and whole body vibration to help reduce vibration related industrial injury. It places responsibilities on the employer to control vibration exposure in the workplace within the prescribed limits.


Health Risk Assessment

Before you can demonstrate that health hazards are adequately controlled, you first need to identify them and then assess the risk associated with each. 

The Health Risk Assessment process involves inspecting the workplace and observing all work activities carried out within it. Workers are generally grouped by job descriptions to establish similar health exposure profiles and interviews are carried out to gain a full understanding of the potential health hazards.


An assessment is then made of the hazards based on the information gathered to ascertain the level of risk from each and if existing controls provide adequate protection. Practical recommendations are made to address any shortfalls in current controls. 


COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment

The UK Government and Devolved Governments have published guidance that advises employers to carry out an assessment of the risks posed by COVID-19 before restarting operations. For employers who have continued to operate throughout the lockdown, they must use the current guidance to identify further improvements.

The Health and Safety Executive have stated that they will be carrying out work to check that appropriate measures are in place to protect workers from COVID-19 and will continue to investigate work related deaths across all industry sectors, including those related to social distancing and COVID-19.

Duty holders are still obliged to comply with current health and safety legislation with requirements to manage and control workplace risks which include protecting workers, contractors, visitors and the public from the risk of COVID-19 infection.

How can we help?

Occupational Hygiene is the applied science of identifying, assessing and controlling occupational health risks. This is something that we do on a day to day basis.


As Occupational Hygienist, Blue Turtle can help you by providing an independent review of your COVID-19 risk assessment against the current guidance applicable to the country your business resides (UK Only). We will provide clear advice on further considerations that need to be made, adequacy of  proposed controls, recommendations on further controls and their implementation so that you can demonstrate compliance with the guidance and current HSE legislation.


In most cases, the above work can carried out remotely by conducting a desktop review of relevant documentation combined with a telephone or video conference consultation. Where business needs are more complex requiring a site visit, arrangements can be made for safe access and egress to the workplace inline with current guidelines. 

If you don't currently have a COVID-19 return to work risk assessment and would like some assistance in developing this then please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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