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Business Benefits of Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Businesses are going through a difficult time at the moment with COVID-19 restrictions affecting everyone to some degree or another. We are all feeling the financial pain as restrictions continue to change from one week to the next with varying degrees of disruption in both our professional and personal lives.

During this difficult period, businesses are still faced with complying with the existing health and safety legislation that applies to them. Blue Turtle has remained open throughout the pandemic supporting businesses in the UK providing occupational hygiene services to ensure that they stay compliant with legislation and of course protect their workforce from work related health hazards.

Given these unprecedent times I thought it would be worth highlighting some of the benefits a business can expect from engaging with us on occupational hygiene services such as occupational hygiene monitoring. Occupational Hygiene is the preventative part of occupational health, by recognising health hazards in the workplace, understanding the risks they pose to your workers health and then controlling the exposure to them.

Occupational hygiene helps employers and employees to understand the health risks; and then improve working conditions and practices through suitable, inexpensive, effective and practical exposure control measures.

Reducing disease and death from work-related health hazards is good for business! Here are some of the reasons why.

By having some form of occupational hygiene monitoring done, whatever it may be from checking hazardous dust levels or assessing noise levels, you are able to check if your existing controls are effective or if you need some additional controls. One of the benefits in having some monitoring done, that is not immediately obvious is the fact that this has a positive impact on your workers morale. By taking that initial step to checking that your employees health is not being harmed from work activities puts your business in a positive light from the perspective of its employees. But what does this mean to the business?

The cornerstone of any successful business is its staff. These people are key to the businesses financial success and by looking after their health you are contributing to their well-being. Look after your employees and they will look after you!

There are also financial benefits for your business. Sickness and absence caused by occupational diseases costs the UK economy at least £1.6 million every year. Employees sickness absence also affects your business finances directly. Poor sickness absence rates due to poor working conditions and practices can soon start to rack up some expensive outgoings. By the time you factor in sick pay, lost production, overtime working, temporary labour and recruitment costs the final bill can be quite large. There are also other costs involved if the business is found to be at fault but I'm not going to discuss this here. Either way, this is money that is better kept your business!

By looking after your employees health you will avoid such costs and to start to benefit from increased production, better morale and a healthier workforce.

Are you now starting to see some the benefits of occupational hygiene monitoring and other hygiene services?

What other advantages can you expect from carrying out occupational hygiene monitoring and other services:?

  • Boosts health and long-life expectancy

  • Enhance employee retention

  • Reduction in company health care cost

  • Positive business reputation

  • Positive impact on society (Social Responsibility)

In conclusion, good occupational hygiene intervention is good for your business whether it be financially, protecting the health of your staff or ensuring you have a strong commitment in terms if legal and social responsibility, all resulting in the protection and enhancement of your reputation.

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