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Importance of Regulating Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing

When I heard the term – LEV Testing, I was so much confused about what’s its full form and what it means. Well, all the inquisitive souls let me tell you that LEV stands for Local Exhaust Ventilation. If I talk about more briefly, it is commonly mentioned as dust or fume extraction.

In a general way, we use this service to remove the harmful airborne chemicals or contaminants from the employment areas hence clearing the working space free from harmful chemicals, dust, and fumes that offer an employee a healthy environment to lead a healthy life.

Now, the question arises what is the reason behind LEV taking place.

What is Local Exhaust Ventilation

In any workplace, ventilation is a mechanical system that is used by companies or industries to bring in fresh outdoor air and remove the contaminated indoor air. This is done to offer a healthy and safe environment for the workers.

Why Regular LEV Testing is necessary?

Regular testing of these daily used Local exhaust ventilation helps to develop a clean environment and help employees from occupational diseases such as breathing in certain dust or fumes. Regular maintenance of the LEV testing ensures the LEV working efficiently.

LEV assists in fighting with the fumes, specks of dust, and various vapor particulates if not addressed properly can have great repercussions and can lead to compromise on your health and well-being.

So, do you want to compromise?

Or wish your work to suffer as the environment you offer to your employees is unhealthy?

No, so ensure to adopt LEV testing, and if still, you do not realize how important it is for you –

I must tell you one more fact about it – Under the health and safety at work act 1974 that states LEV testing is a legislative requirement. Failure in such rules and regulations decided by the law can lead you to heinous punishments and repercussions that according to me nobody wants to face.

So, consciously make a move and adapt the good habit of installing an LEV and regulating the LEV testing thereby providing your employees with a safe and clean work environment.

For all those who wanted to know what LEV testing Comprise of?

LEV Testing Comprise of

A local Exhaust Ventilation system is designed to provide employees and the members working protection from all the hazards chemicals including fumes, dust particles, and exposure to any harmful airborne contaminants that can endanger your health. All these assembled LEV require various test procedures to check-out whether they are working appropriately or not. This LEV testing comprises of various equipment such as the hoods, filters, ducts, and more for measurement of the effectiveness of the LEV testing service.

The correct measure of the airflow entering the window from each area found within the LEV system is taken into consideration. This data is compiled with regulation. The data includes:

  • Brief details of the employee responsible for the LEV system.

  • Type of LEV system, clarification with process kind, and locations.

  • Date of previous LEV test and reports of it.


These are some short things that each employer should focus on for the employees to enjoy a healthy working place and should take it seriously for their business growth as it is rightly quoted by Sheana Abrahams that – “Running a business with an unhealthy and unhappy employee is like driving a car with a bad engine. It may eventually get you where you want to go but the trip will be difficult, and you will waste time and resources.”

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