Industrial/Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Occupational Hygiene is a science that is sometimes described as an art. It comprises of anticipating, recognising and evaluating health hazards, controlling them and then finally confirming that the controls are effective.

Health hazards are divided into five main categories:

Physical (e.g. Noise and Vibration)

Chemical (e.g. Benzene and Mercury)

 Biological (e.g. Legionella & Salmonella)​

 Ergonomic (e.g. Manual Handling & DSE Work)

 Psychosocial (e.g. Work Loads & Bullying)

At Blue Turtle Ltd we provide the following Industrial Occupational Hygiene Services:

  • Personal Exposure Monitoring

    Measurements and assessment of workers personal exposure to airborne contaminants in the workplace.

  • Air Quality Monitoring

    Measurement & Assessment of indoor air to check quality, suitability and optimisation for occupants.

  • Workplace Noise Monitoring

    Assessment of employees noise exposure through methodical noise monitoring providing the basis to issuing practical advice on how to control it.

  • LEV Examination Testing

    Ensuring LEV systems are working as per design through examination and testing keeping your business compliant with current legislation.

  • Machine Vibration Monitoring

    Vibration monitoring of hand tools, vehicles and mobile machinery to assess employees exposure levels ensuring the correct protection is given to prevent ill health.

  • Health Risk Assessment

    An assessment to identify all health hazards associated with your business to allow for suitable control of health risks.

Solutions to Protecting Workforce Health

Blue Turtle Ltd are Occupational Hygienists that operate across the UK using validated methods to identify and quantify health hazards in the workplace, assess existing controls and where necessary provide guidance on cost effective solutions and implementation. We help businesses identify and control health hazards ranging from noise and vibration to airborne contaminants keeping the heart of the business healthy. 

Take your business to the next step by making Blue Turtle Ltd your health protection partner of choice in ensuring workers health is not affected by occupational causes while you reap the rewards of a more productive workforce. 

COVID-19 Return to work assessment

Need assistance with providing a safe place of work in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic?

As employers look to re-open businesses, the decisions they make will be under increased scrutiny from their employees, clients and the regulator. At Blue Turtle Ltd we can provide assistance by:

  • Reviewing return to work assessments ensuring that the hierarchy of controls have been considered, are sufficient and adequate and in line with current guidance for safe restart.  

  •  Preparing a return to work assessment through: 

    • Systematic application of the hierarchy of controls   

    • Supporting with the development of safe restart protocols

    • Considering the risks from restarting processes

    • Reviewing existing risk assessments that COVID-19 controls may impact

Helping to Make Your Workplace Safer

We cover all parts of the UK helping all types of business achieve a safer and legally compliant workplace. 

Blue Turtle Ltd  "The missing cog in your business Health"

Contact us to discuss your occupational hygiene needs, whether it be Personal Exposure Monitoring, Air Quality Monitoring Services, Workplace Noise Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring Services, LEV Testing and Examination, or any other health-related hazard.

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