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About Blue Turtle

Blue Turtle offer the best in exposure assessments, environmental monitoring, and risk management solutions to businesses, aiming to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and promote a safe and healthy working environment for employees.

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The Blue Turtle Cog

At Blue Turtle Ltd we understand the importance of protecting your workforce, contractors and customers from occupational derived health hazards and illnesses.

We help businesses of all sizes create a healthier and more productive work environment for employees by helping evaluate and if needed reduce their workplace exposures, as well as reduce regulatory non-compliance issues. Adopting good health and safety at work protects your workforce, the blood line of any business. In doing this a business can expect a number of benefits such as:

Reduce Absence & Sickness

Better Staff Retention

Increased Morale & Productivity

Positive Reputation

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Blue Turtle Ltd can help your business achieve this through carrying out Occupational Hygiene Monitoring activities which often involve the recognition, evaluation (including the collection of air samples or other exposure measurements) and the provision of recommendations on control of noted personal exposures.

Our trained and knowledgeable consultants will examine and assess your work practices, take measurements using sensitive calibrated equipment and validated techniques to provide you with clear guidance and advice on suitable and practical solutions.

At Blue Turtle Ltd we are passionate about delivering a quality service that meets our customers needs. Whether you are just looking for some LEV examination & testing, noise monitoring or working closely with you to develop a health hazard management system we are here to help. We are always here at the end of the phone or email, happy to discuss your needs or provide advice and guidance on the best possible way forward.

We understand that being a business owner, director or manager with health and safety responsibilities can be daunting and at times confusing. This is where we can help! Even if you recognise that you have workplace health hazards such as noise or vibration and would like to quantify the risk by carrying out vibration monitoring or a noise monitoring assessment then we are here to provide those services. Not only will be glad to carry out the work but we will ensure that you receive follow up consultation to make sure you fully understand the report findings and the proposed recommendations allowing you to progress to a healthier legally compliant workplace.

Don’t worry if you have concerns but can’t identify specific health hazards as we can help here too. Through gaining knowledge on the type of business you work in and the activities undertaken we can start to identify possible health hazards. In this case a useful tool that we use is the Health Risk Assessment. This is a qualitative assessment process providing an initial evaluation of all the potential health hazards in a specific workplace where by the occupational hygiene consultant considers the potential personal exposure based on the information gathered. If deemed necessary, quantitative assessments can be carried out such as carrying out LEV testing and examination or air quality monitoring.

Whatever you business needs may be, we are here to help support and guide you through the relevant legislative requirements helping you become compliant and provide a safer and healthier workplace.At Blue Turtle we are passionate about the protection of workers health and recognise the benefits not only to the individuals but also that of the business as a whole. We pride ourselves on providing a professional value adding service with clear advice and guidance allowing your business to make the right decisions and benefit from positive worker health protection.

Let Blue Turtle help your business reach its full potential by helping protect your workforce from workplace derived ill health, increasing productivity, less absence and sickness and positive morale. Cost savings to the business can also be obtained through the adoption of new processes or substitution of chemicals resulting in lower operating costs through reduced requirements for PPE or waste disposal.

Our Vision

All employees across all industries deserve to be free from ill health brought on by poor work practices.

Our Mission

To reduce the personal and financial burden to individuals, businesses and the economy caused by work related ill health, whilst improving worker health protection through training and consultancy to reduce health risks and control exposures.

Our Core Values


We believe that doing the right thing in a professional but caring, respectful and honest way promotes and delivers a transparent organisation that clients can trust. Sometimes this means respectfully challenging decisions if you disagree, delivering unwanted news or questioning the status quo. Whatever the reason, be sure that it’s honest.


Accountability is the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Being accountable means that we are answerable for our individual actions and the actions of our team. Through this, we ensure we set and maintain a high professional and ethical standard in everything we do.

Agility & Innovation

We understand that in business, things change, and they change fast. That’s why we ensure that as we grow, we maintain the agility of a start-up whilst continuing to innovate. We seek out opportunities which will add value, welcome new perspectives and are willing to change course to improve. We don’t stand still.


We display compassion through actively listening without judgement, supporting each other when needed and promoting healthy interpersonal relationships. Compassion works by building trust, mutual connections, and reciprocation, ensuring that each individual becomes a valued member of the team.

Senior Management Team

Paul Gorvett

Director / Senior Hygienist

Career: Diverse! NHS, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas and a stint as an Pipelines environmental officer.

Honours / Awards / Accreditations: PG Dip, Certificate of Occupational Competence, Licentiate Member of BOHS

Coffee: Latte

Lee Gorvett

Director / Business Manager

Career: Senior Staff Nurse in the NHS and Business Manager role since 2011

Honours / Awards / Accreditations: Degree in Nursing

Coffee: Decaf soya milk latte

Joe Purkis

Quality Manager

Career: 25 years in quality related posts across numerous different industries.

Honours / Awards / Accreditations: ISO 9001 14001 & 45001 Lead Auditor

Coffee: Black


Team Mascot / Morale Booster

Career: Full time nap artist

Honours / Awards / Accreditations: Pedigree Black lab

Coffee: No thanks, I’ll have water

Clients We Work With

ExxonMobilSubsea 7TreelogicDuncans of DeesidePort of LondonBailey & WadeDarchem EngineeringGlobal Energy GroupMicro Mesh FiltrationSouth & City CollegeTrinity HouseWrights Dowson Group

What Our Customers Are Saying

ISO 9001 Certification ISO 45001 Certification

Helping to Make Your Workplace Safer

We cover all parts of the UK helping all types of business achieve a safer and legally compliant workplace