LEV System Examination and Testing

LEV System Examination and Testing


Employers have a legal duty to ensure that their Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems are thoroughly checked and examined on a regular basis. It must be fit for purpose by effectively capturing the contaminants that could otherwise pose a threat to employees health.   ​
Correctly designed and well-maintained LEV systems play an important part of controlling harmful airborne contaminants in the workplace reducing the potential of occupational ill-health. Unfortunately, it is a common finding that these systems have not been designed adequately for the task and or poorly maintained.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems 

Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems play a key part in the control of airborne hazardous substances, protecting workers from exposure and reducing the potential from occupational ill-health. The effectiveness of any LEV system is dependent on a number of factors such as its design, maintenance, and correct operation to ensure that it is performance is adequate in carrying away airborne hazards before they can be breathed in.
LEV systems should capture airborne contaminants at source, preventing them from entering the atmosphere where they can be inhaled by workers resulting in the possibility of ill health occurring. LEV monitoring is a key part to ensuring that the system is working effectively.
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations stipulates that any LEV system used in controlling hazardous substances undergoes a thorough examination and test at least once every 14 months. 
At Blue Turtle, we can help you with meeting legal compliance by carrying out the mandatory 14-month LEV examination and testing of your systems. We will review the performance of your LEV systems by carrying out a detailed examination and performing a series of functional tests to determine if it is working efficiently and effectively as per its original design requirements. 

Local Exhaust Ventilation Assessment Report

Following any LEV system testing, we will provide you with a detailed easy to understand report that clearly identifies any issues found and provide practical recommendations for remedial actions to be taken. Blue Turtle Ltd will also label all of the LEV hoods tested on-site and issue a red label for any that fail ensuring that no one inadvertently uses the system prior to remedial actions being taken.
Blue Turtle Ltd follows up all issued reports with further consultation allowing for any questions to ensure that the content is fully understood. This can be done virtually or face to face to suit your requirements.